New Anglia Energy is a company formed by Nigel Cornwall with the purpose of supporting local energy markets in Norfolk and Suffolk and developing regional leadership. Our focus is to demonstrate learning by doing, using the knowledge and relationships developed in a long and fruitful career in the energy sector to support local stakeholders and initiatives.

Our flagship project is the Greater Norwich Smart Energy Community project, which will act as beacon for commercial innovation, and establish a best in class local energy community based on engagement with consumers and enabled by new technology.

Supported by access to the market leading research of Cornwall Insight, which continues to go from strength to strength. New Anglia Energy is also working with Pixie Energy, Cornwall Insight’s new markets business, as it develops its Ipswich micro-grid project and other regional “frontier” developments.

We also have other irons in the fire.

Importantly, New Anglia Energy is the proposer of a high-profile change proposal under the Balancing and Settlement Code that is seeking to enable meter splitting. If approved this could enable consumers to have separate relationships with different suppliers (e.g. take a bundled service for an EV with charging and associated electricity from one supplier, and buy a battery from another, and sell its export from a PV to another).

We are also exploring the feasibility of a local energy “census” and looking at new arrangements that might allow rural communities to take supply from local low-carbon generation and use this on EV charging infrastructure or street lighting.

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