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Rapid battery storage scale-up can avoid energy wastage

Based on current wind power capacity, an additional 20GWh of battery storage could reduce the amount of wind energy wasted by up...

UKPN links up with local authorities to “unlock EV charging for...

UK Power Networks (UKPN) is working with five local authorities in an effort to end electric vehicle (EV) charging blackspots.

Government told to face climate challenge with same urgency as Covid-19

Experts have called on the government to catalyse green innovation and roll out climate change solutions with the same focus and urgency...

Report sets out pathway for Leeds to reach net zero

Leeds could save £651mn a year and create 1,500 jobs for the next decade, according to a report from the Leeds Climate...

V2G can accelerate decarbonisation progress in the UK

Adopting vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology can drive decarbonisation, deliver substantial carbon savings and bring significant economic benefits, according to a report.

Cambridge City Council plots path to net zero

Cambridge City Council has outlined a series of proposals aimed at leading the city’s work in tackling climate change.

Scottish government sets out local energy policy approach

The Scottish government has set out its approach to helping to develop local energy projects as Scotland’s energy system becomes low carbon.

London strives to use clean, flexible, locally generated energy

A £6mn programme in London is supporting Mayor, Sadiq Khan’s ambition of having the capital use clean, flexible and locally generated energy.

Paper explores efforts needed to grow community energy

If integrated into post pandemic recovery measures, community energy’s “vast untapped potential” can maximise socio-economic benefits and local value creation, according to...

Ecotricity becomes first UK supplier of geothermal energy

Ecotricity has signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for geothermal power with Geothermal Engineering, making it the first UK supplier of geothermal...

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