IET sets out opportunities and risks from using gas network for hydrogen

The Institute of Engineering Technology (IET) has assessed the viability of repurposing the UK’s gas networks for hydrogen use. The review, which was commissioned by BEIS, was published on 14 June and was supported by five engineering institutions.

The report concludes that there is “no reason” why hydrogen can’t be used instead of natural gas for heating and cooking in people’s homes. But it warns that risks and uncertainties remain. The IET also said that a transition programme to hydrogen would cost around £23bn and would require the conversion of 3.8mn meter points. Only if central and local government policy is in harmony with Ofgem could a “stable funding environment” be guaranteed. Additionally, the IET said the UK needed to increase the present annual production volume for hydrogen by 981%.

The study includes 20 case studies, and it sets out a comprehensive assessment of opportunities and risks facing hydrogen deployment through the existing gas network.