Addressing IAS emissions of strategic importance, says CCC

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has responded to the government’s request on how to bring international aviation and shipping (IAS) emissions.

On 24 September, CCC Chairman, Lord Deben, wrote to Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, advising that addressing IAS emissions was “strategically important” before setting out several key recommendations, including that IAS emissions are formally included into the UK’s net zero target. This is something that would complement agreed international policies.

It was also suggested that the planning assumption should be for IAS to reach net zero by 2050 and that this was something that should be reflected in the government’s upcoming Aviation Strategy as well as the Clean Maritime Plan.

The letter also called for the government to establish a new market for greenhouse gas removals (GGRs). This would be a move towards helping IAS to reach net zero both in the UK and internationally, while also creating a significant new global export opportunity for the UK with regards to GGR technology and expertise.