Alfen makes EV moves, teaming up with Moixa and Shell

Alfen has announced that it has launched a new electric vehicle (EV) charging partnership with Moixa.

On 11 February, the partners outlined how they will use Moixa’s AI powered software, GridShare, to enable EV drivers to deliver flexibility to the UK energy system while reducing home energy bills. Moixa’s Moixa Hub has been integrated with Alfen’s EV chargers, meaning that Gridshare is able to create personalised smart charging plans based on household energy consumption patterns, locally-produced solar PV energy and optimisation for time of use tariffs.

Through an initial trial across a limited number of UK homes, the partners aim to evaluate the impact of smart charging on EV owners’ energy bills and carbon emissions with the intent of also using the chargers for grid services by ramping up and down charging speeds. Upon successful completion of the trial, the partners will roll out the offer commercially.

Alfen has also announced that Shell’s ultrafast EV charging service at its forecourt in Zaltbommel, in the Netherlands, will incorporate its energy storage solution. The 350kWh battery-based system will be used for “peak shaving” which will see additional power provided for car charging, reducing load on the grid in periods of peak electricity demand. If car charging activities are minimal, the energy storage system will be used to offer grid stability services.

The project is also aiming to develop a greater understanding with regards to the role for energy storage in an ultrafast charging environment. This would offer potential for future rollout of the solution.

Alfen x Moixa   Alfen x Shell