AMP Clean Energy to drive forward decentralised energy ambitions

AMP Clean Energy has secured planning for 50MW of its Urban Reserve flexible generation plants in areas of high demand.

A total of 13 plants are being developed across the country and are designed to support the growth of intermittent renewables through delivering on-demand electricity to keep the system balanced. Vital Energi has been appointed to deliver the first four projects. The plants, which are connected at a local level, also help to provide additional capacity in places of high demand, including urban and commercial areas.

Mary Tarry, Managing Director at Urban Reserve, said that for the full potential of distribution generation to be achieved, a greater number of networks need to focus on anticipating future demand growth and earmarking “hot spots” for future constraints. Tarry added: “This would help to provide clear market signals for investment in flexible generation, when and where it is needed most. With the UK’s eyes now firmly on net zero, flexible solutions that ensure demand peaks are manageable will be vital.”

AMP Clean Energy