Analysis finds mixed approach best way to decarbonise heat

An approach to decarbonising off-grid heating using a mix of technologies could result in £7bn savings, according to new analysis.

The analysis, carried out by Ecuity Consulting for Liquid Gas UK, was published on 24 October and explored five potential routes to decarbonising off-grid homes with the goal of meeting the UK’s 2050 net zero target in mind. Of these five approaches, the rapid replacement of technologies in either a mixed or fully electrified approach was found to meet the UK’s target. The mixed approach was found to be the most cost effective, resulting in savings of over £4,700 for homeowners in the 1.5mn rural homes off the grid.

George Webb, Chief Executive of Liquid Gas UK, outlined the mixed approach as having three “clear advantages” over an electrified route. As well as avoiding the higher up-front cost of full electrification, a mixed approach would alleviate pressure on supply chains with challenges such as scalability and training of heat pump installers taking time. Webb added: “Finally, and perhaps most importantly, this provides consumer choice to homeowners. Off-grid consumers live in a range of different property types. Policy makers must recognise this diversity by supporting a range of low-carbon heating options.”

Liquid Gas UK