Barnet set for low carbon heating

Vattenfall Heat UK has announced that it will provide low carbon heating to homes, shops, and other businesses in Barnet as part of Argent Related’s redevelopment scheme.

On 20 May, it said that it will design, build, and operate a district heating network over the coming decades with the aim of eventually removing all CO2 emitting sources. At 8MW, it will be the largest installation of heat pumps in a heat network in the UK, providing low carbon heating and hot water to 6,700 new homes and 3mn square feet of new office, retail and commercial space under Argent’s proposed regeneration scheme.

The system, expected to be operational from 2023, will be “future-proofed” at the design phase. This will be done through taking a staged approach to the installation of heat generation infrastructure, meaning the most recent and innovative technology can be installed when required. This is instead of reinstalling new technology when those in use become outdated.

A range of existing and future low and zero carbon heat sources will be integrated into the network to further expand it. This will include heat pumps, electric boilers and waste heat from datacentres. Vattenfall added that as district heating technology becomes more advanced and a greater number of fossil fuel free heat sources become available, the heat sources that feed the network will be interchanged. This will allow the network to become completely zero carbon.

Vattenfall Heat UK