BEIS issues tender for heat electrification project

BEIS has published a tender for the Electrification of Heat Demonstration Project, with it specifically seeking a Management Contractor.

The project is aiming to demonstrate how feasible a large-scale rollout of heat pumps in Great Britain is. To this end, it will install them in a representative range of homes alongside new products and services which are designed to overcome barriers to deployment. The contractor will provide overall programme management of the project and manage, monitor and coordinate three Delivery Contractors on behalf of BEIS.

They will work closely with them to develop a shared approach when it comes to participant recruitment and lead the design of home suitability surveys, installation and monitoring processes, collating and managing data, and communicate the project findings. The contract is to last an initial 29 months but could extend for a further 24 with the goal of continuing to monitor properties.

The tender’s deadline is 2PM on 12 September.