Blockchain company Power Ledger expands into Europe and increases US presence

Power Ledger has debuted its energy trading platform in Europe for the first time, while expanding its foothold in the United States by partnering with Clearway Energy Group.

It confirmed in mid-June that it had partnered with E-NEXT, a subsidiary of one of Austria’s largest energy retailers, Energie Steiermark. It will see it deploy its renewable energy peer-to-peer trading platform available to an initial 10 households in Graz, with potential to expand by more. The platform enables those with rooftop solar to sell excess renewable power to neighbours.

Meanwhile, Power Ledger has also partnered with Clearway Energy Group to develop a platform to trade Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in the United States. This will use a blockchain ledger system to track RECs from the point of creation, sale and transfer to buyer, ensuring the market becomes more efficient, secure and offers greater transparency.

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