Bristol Energy and Eliq to deliver energy efficiency advice service

Bristol Energy and Eliq have joined forces to develop and trial a personalised energy efficiency service, after securing government funding.

On 21 October, Bristol Energy revealed that it was one of eight projects to receive funding from the £6.25mn BEIS Smart Energy Savings (SENS) competition. Eliq is to develop the technology, with the eventual service available on the Bristol Energy app and capable of adapting both the style and tone of its messages to ensure customers get a more tailored experience, relating to their home and lifestyle.

It will inform users about appliances that have been left on standby and offer advice such as how much carbon could be cut when turning the heating off while not at home.

Andrew Coleman, Head of Smart at Bristol Energy, said: “We’re using smart technology to provide personalised insight that is tailored to customers’ homes, their motivations and of course, their energy consumption. This app feature is the first of its kind and could transform behaviour around energy efficiency; helping us create healthier homes, a healthier planet and lower bills.”

Bristol Energy