Bristol looks for partner to deliver first carbon neutral city in UK

Bristol City Leap has launched a global search to deliver up to £1bn investment as it seeks to deliver a zero-carbon, smart energy city by 2030.

On 9 September, it was announced that City Leap – led by Bristol City Council and Bristol Energy – will establish a joint venture with either another organisation or group of organisations to support to the delivery of its 2030 goal. Over £50mn has already been invested in low-carbon and renewable projects in Bristol since 2012, with the council managing to cut its own emissions by 71% since 2005.

Marek Majewicz, Managing Director of Bristol Energy, said: “City Leap will help us deliver a sustainable energy company with social value at its heart. From community heat networks, to energy innovation in social housing, the substantial investment from the partnership will enable everyone in Bristol to benefit from low carbon, renewable energy projects.”

Bristol City Council