Brixton to trial smart flexible energy project

A new trial in Brixton will see the first domestic users in the UK get the opportunity to tap into the flexibility energy market.

On 3 October, it was announced that UK Power Networks (UKPN) had joined forces with EDF Energy and Repowering London to build on the existing peer-to-peer energy trial, Project CommUNITY with Urban Energy Club. CommUNITY is using blockchain technology to trade energy generated from solar and stored in batteries between residents of Elmore House. Urban Energy Club will look to push this further and see how residents can support local power suppliers being run by UKPN by offering flexible power services from residents’ solar panels that are able to respond to supply and demand in the area.

Head of Innovation at UKPN, Ian Cameron, said: “Elmore House residents will be able to dip their toes into the water of managing renewable energy, generated from their own rooftop. The results will really help us design and shape future services. We hope it will ultimately offer more residents the opportunity to run their energy supplies like this.”