BT and Hubbub launch smart home technology trial

BT and Hubbub have linked up to launch the Smarter Living Challenge, which is set to explore how households can use technology to reduce their carbon emissions.

The challenge, announced on 25 November, will work with 60 diverse households across the UK over the next three months, assessing attitudes, perceptions and behaviours around home energy use. It will look to investigate how digital technology can help to make people’s lives easier and save them money, with smart home devices, apps and tips introduced into he households. This will include smart thermostats, smart lighting, and apps to manage energy, food and water use.

Hubbub cited research from a survey it had conducted of 3,000 adults, finding that while 63% of people do not use technology to run their homes, but a quarter would consider doing so – if it reduced their impact on the environment. Around 61% said they are concerned about the impact of climate change, with 41% willing to use technology as a way of reducing bills. The Smarter Living Challenge will seek to explore how some of the barriers that exist can be overcome, such as cost and complexity. Four in 10 (43%) were found to believe leading a greener lifestyle is more expensive, while 14% felt technology is too complicated install and run.

The results from the first phase of the challenge are set to be released in spring 2021. The goal is for the learnings and cases studies generated to be used as the foundations for a campaign to drive the UK’s largest movement of households committed to making positive and tangible changes at home.