BT targets green recovery with new initiative

BT is aiming to drive the UK towards net zero and contribute to a green recovery, post COVID-19, after launching its first ever Green Tech Innovation platform.

Announced on 1 June, BT will work with leading innovation platform, Plug and Play, based in Silicon Valley, to uncover the latest technologies from tech scale-ups in the UK that could help BT and its public sector customers transition to net zero.

The partnership marks Plug and Play’s first entry into the UK market and will focus on three areas, the first of which is “Smart Streets”, where insights from environmental monitoring and traffic optimisation sensors can be easily integrated onto street furniture, such as the next generation of BT Street Hub units. “Smart Buildings” relates to Internet of Things capable solutions that can support energy and water management in social housing and other public sector buildings. The final area, “Remote Working”, will see BT and Plug and Play look to uncover ways 5G can support innovative products and solutions that reduce travel.

Those that are chosen will be announced in the autumn, before then having the opportunity to partner and work collaboratively with BT and its customers.

Philip Jansen, BT Group Chief Executive, said: “The economic set back and immense hardship caused by the Covid-19 pandemic are severe and could be long lasting. However, despite the temporary reprieve on carbon emissions and air quality in towns and cities during the lockdown, the global climate emergency hasn’t gone away. As we emerge from the crisis, the recovery presents a huge opportunity for Governments, businesses and individuals to put action on climate at the heart of their efforts.”