Cadent using Norfolk solar farm to power its own site

Cadent is now generating renewable electricity with its first solar farm, situated on one of its installations in north Norfolk.

Situated at the gas distribution network’s site in Brisley, the solar farm consists of 388 photovoltaic panels and will offset Cadent’s power requirements both at the site alogn with nine other above ground gas installations in the area. Further power generated for the network will raise additional revenue for the business with the site estimated to generate 120MWh a year.

The panels have an operational lifespan of 25 years and were installed with power optimisers. This means the array is able to keep generate as efficiently as possible, with any issues with a panel quickly identified.

Darren Elsom, Cadent Eastern Network Director, said: “As a company Cadent is committed to being innovative, efficient and to making a positive contribution to the environment. This project is a textbook example of how we can do all of those things and achieve a great result.”

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