Call for evidence uncovers energy efficiency market barriers

A lack of regulatory drivers is among the barriers to a market for energy efficiency, according to industry stakeholders responding to a government call for evidence.

On 2 July, BEIS released a summary of responses from to Building a Market for Energy Efficiency, where 92 respondents offered their views on the state of the market, barriers to market growth and the government’s proposed approach going forwards. It was found that most agreed with the government’s identified barriers, such as a lack of trust and quality in installations of energy efficiency measures and a perception of a property as an investment rather than a home to live in.

Stakeholders also cited barriers of their own, including there not being enough of a financial differentiation between properties that are energy efficient and those that aren’t.

When it came to the approach going forwards, respondents stressed that the co-benefits of smart energy technologies must be enabled, in order to unlock the full value of energy efficiency. They also called for the inclusion of carbon benefits alongside financial savings when considering cost effectiveness of policies and for policies to support innovation – especially with regards to the development of new business models.