Cambridge City Council plots path to net zero

Cambridge City Council has outlined a series of proposals aimed at leading the city’s work in tackling climate change.

On 7 January, it set out a series of measures to reduce emissions, increase biodiversity and push Cambridge closer to net zero through its Budget Setting Report for 2021-22. The creation of a ring-fenced green investment reserve from existing council funds was among the key proposals, with this used for a variety of energy efficiency and energy generating projects, as well as for exploring the potential for new large-scale investment in renewable energy to add to existing solar power schemes at 11 council locations.

Other proposed measures include installing additional electric vehicle charging points in council-owned public car parks; working with the county council to develop on-street charging points; starting detailed planning to retrofit council homes, enabling them to become more energy efficient; ensuring streets and open spaces are managed with both wildlife and people as priorities, ensuring biodiversity is taken into account in all development; and funding for an additional Climate Change Officer role.

The proposals will support implementation of the council’s Climate Change Strategy, currently under revision, and support it in achieving objectives set out within the Cambridge Air Quality Action Plan 2018-22.