Cambridge start-up claim electric car battery can charge in six minutes

Echion Technologies, a start-up out of Cambridge University, is planning to commercialise an electric car battery that, it says, can charge in six minutes.

Founder, Dr. Jean De La Verpilliere, told the Cambridge Independent that Echion created a “new kind of powder” that had replaced graphite inside Li-ion battery cells, cutting recharge times from 45 minutes down to six. This would make it almost as easy to charge an electric car as it is to refuel conventionally.

Echion has secured funding from Cambridge Enterprise and Newable Private Investing, with De La Verpilliere, stating the firm was now working on methods to make powders that were scaleable and 1,000 tonnes could be made in factories. He said: “We have a prototype now, and are moving towards commercialisation early next year. The tests have to be validated beforehand.”

Echion is seeking two sales representatives for commercialisation in 2020 and has secured an official partnership with Vantage Power, which both designs and manufactures electric and hybrid systems for buses and heavy goods vehicles.

Cambridge Independent