CCC makes case for adaptation reporting

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has written to all reporting organisations covered by the Adaptation Reporting Power (ARP).

On 27 July, it said that, following its review of the second round of ARP reports, reporting increases the transparency and understanding of how individual organisations are tackling a changing climate and helps the preparedness of the nation. The letter acknowledged that while recent events may have put added pressure on organisational resources and shifted short-term priorities, COVID-19 has shown the importance of evidence-led preparations for both key current and future risks facing the country.

Ahead of the third round of ARP, which will run until December 2021, the CCC welcomed that a large number of new and previous reporting organisations had agreed to report, while added that it was encouraging several were close to finalising their reports.

The letter stressed that the reports are a “critical mechanism” for gathering and presenting evidence to understand climate change risks facing the UK. For organisations, benefits of reporting include that it demonstrates climate leadership, ensures that risks are identified, assessed and properly managed, thereby reducing vulnerability and future costs of action, while it also publicly highlights examples of good practice.