CCS to be a part of efforts to tackle climate change

For the worst impacts of climate change to be avoided, CCS will be critical, according to the Chair of the European Energy Research Alliance.

Speaking to Energy Voice on 10 October, Nils Rokke explained that CCS was key to cutting emissions from industrial sectors, such as cement and steel, and could also play a substantial role in delivering carbon-neutral hydrogen. According to Rokke, integrated carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS) could enable industrial-scale volumes of “blue hydrogen” to be produced from natural gas and set the foundations for a future European hydrogen economy.

Rokke said: “If fossil fuels are to be a part of the mix, you need to be able to take out the CO2 and store it. If we can use hydrogen extracted from natural gas, that would provide a sustainable way of decarbonising the European economy. If you replace all natural gas used in Europe today with hydrogen, you would reduce CO2 emissions by about 800mn tonnes per year and that’s a powerful tool for decarbonising.”

Energy Voice