CEER calls for continuation of energy community consumer rights

The Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) has called for participants of energy communities to maintain the same consumer rights around areas such as switching supplier.

It was one of the calls made by the CEER in its report on regulatory aspects of self-consumption and energy communities, published on Tuesday 25 June, within which it welcomed formal recognition of energy communities in the EU framework. This will lead to energy communities becoming more prevalent and diverse, it explained.

However, it stressed that it was important regulatory framework ensures energy communities can compete on a level playing field free of undue barriers and undue distortions in existing markets. It further recommended local consumption continues to respond to effective price signals.

The report also drew on how energy communities will be able to ensure the integration of renewables and new technologies by enhancing the flexibility potential of customers. It concluded that effective market design was therefore essential to make sure that this reduces overall system costs.