Charities join calls for green COVID-19 recovery

Leading UK charities have written to the Prime Minister, calling for a “green recovery” coming out of the coronavirus pandemic.

On 15 June, 57 organisations, including the National Trust, RSPB, Oxfam and WWF, urged Boris Johnson to use economic rescue packages to build low carbon infrastructure and drive the creation of long-term green jobs. Any bailouts should be subject to strict conditions, the organisations stressed, ensuring companies that receive state support have to meet low-carbon targets. All elements of any rescue package should be subject to a test to ensure they are in line with the UK’s 2050 net zero goal.

The charities also called on the PM to cancel, rather than suspend, debts of developing countries struggling with the impact of COVID-19 and the climate crisis.

Tanya Steele, Chief Executive of WWF UK, said: “We know a green recovery makes economic sense, and is supported here in the UK and overseas by leading businesses, academics, ministers and health representatives. What we urgently need to see now, and post-pandemic, is commitments from government on turning this into action.”

The Guardian