City minister calls for London to be at heart of net zero goal

The UK’s financial services sector must be at the centre of efforts to take action on climate change and meet the 2050 target of net zero emissions, according to City Minister, John Glen.

Glen was speaking at the third Green Finance Summit in London on Tuesday 2 July, where the government’s landmark Green Finance Strategy was launched alongside other initiatives, including a £5mn Green Home Finance Fund to back pilot projects such as green mortgages. The strategy itself will look to boost sustainable investment and comes with an expectation that listed companies must disclose how climate change impacts their work.

Glen called for London to lead the way in securing a more sustainable future, explaining that the financial services sector would have a bigger role to play than any other when it came to tackling climate change. He added: “By investing more in sustainable projects, it can not only protect our environment, but also help establish London as the pre-eminent international centre for green finance.”