Clean growth central to Norfolk and Suffolk Local Industrial Strategy

Norfolk and Suffolk will look to become the UK’s region for clean growth under the draft Local Industrial Strategy (LIS), published on 14 August.

The draft LIS set out how Norfolk and Suffolk is already the largest market for offshore wind and planned investment in renewable and nuclear power generation will see the region become the leading supplier of renewable energy to the UK, providing power to over (58%) of UK homes. With an economy of £36bn, the LIS signalled the region’s aim as becoming a globally recognised, high-tech and inclusive economy, leading the transition to a post-carbon economy through sustainable food production and renewable energy generation.

It set out the region’s opportunity of becoming a “test and demonstration zone”, owed to new and innovative energy technology concepts being investigated in the area, including offshore desalination leading to hydrogen fuel production. Ambitious future plans include expanding Orbis Energy into an All Energy Centre of Excellence, focusing on supply and demand, innovation around new technology, supporting the supply chain development and collaboration across industry to develop a shared all energy workforce. It also proposes that local partners collaborate to enhance the capacity and capability of ports to serve the offshore energy market.

The New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is working with the government to develop a final agreed version of the strategy, with feedback invited from stakeholders as part of the consultation process by 27th August.

New Anglia LEP