Climate Assembly finds support for changes to reach net zero

An overwhelming majority of Climate Assembly UK members believe government, employers and others should support economy and lifestyle changes to reach net zero.

On 23 June, it published a briefing, Covid-19, recovery and the path to net zero, setting out how over 100 members of the public, working to give parliament and government an understand of the public view on how the UK should reach net zero, feeling about the implications of the pandemic and resulting lockdown for achieving that 2050 goal.

It found that eight in 10 (79%) either agreed, or strongly agreed, steps taken by the government to help the economy recover should be designed to help achieve net zero. Furthermore, 93% strongly agreed, or agreed, that as lockdown eases, government and employers should take steps to encourage lifestyle changes that are more compatible with reaching net zero.

The Chairs of all six commissioning House of Commons Select Committees have written to the Prime Minister, calling for him to ensure government takes the assembly’s views into account when plotting the UK’s recovery. The letter noted how the UK public had demonstrated a capacity to respond “positively and responsibly” when understanding the risks posed by an invisible threat that demands collective action over the last few months. A similar approach, based on securing public support for ambitious policies through open dialogue around the science, was recommended as a “sound basis for the net zero journey”.

Climate Assembly UK