Climate Coalition sets out approach for a green, healthy and fair recovery

With the government promising a 10-point plan for a green industrial revolution, the Climate Coalition has launched one of its own, together with 70 organisations.

On 5 November, it mapped out a programme of action to get the UK on track to achieving net zero emissions and showing global leadership ahead of it hosting COP26 in 2021. Its 10 points include announcing a high-ambition UK NDC, reflecting a fair share of the global effort needed to limit the temperature rise to 1.5°C, and enacting the Conservative manifesto commitment of £9.2bn investment in energy efficiency alongside a £5.8bn to support heat pumps deployment.

It called on government to create a 10-year infrastructure programme to make every home in the UK highly energy efficient and install 10mn heat pumps.

For renewables, the government should – in addition to committing to a phaseout date for domestic fossil fuel extraction across the UK – guarantee an additional 20GW of offshore wind will be contracted through a regular pipeline of auctions over the next four years. This would ensure the UK remains on track to reach 40GW of offshore wind by 2030. Support for community energy, onshore wind and solar should also be significant boosted, though all renewables development must happen in harmony with nature.

Elsewhere, it called for a 2030 phaseout of new fossil fuel cars and vans, for ambitious nature restoration targets to be put into law by governments across the UK, and for the Treasury to establish a new economic test to ensure the UK economic recovery plan, public spending and taxation all put the country on track for net zero and 1.5°C.

Climate Coalition