Committee launches inquiry into decarbonising heating in homes

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee is set to examine the path to decarbonising heating in homes following the launch of an inquiry.

It confirmed that it will assess the government’s Buildings and Heat Strategy, which is due for release in November, along with investigating the policies, priorities and timelines required to decarbonise heating in residential buildings to help the UK get on track for its 2050 net zero target. It follows a successful pitch from Principle and European Programme Director of the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP), Dr Jan Rosenow, at the “My BEIS” evidence hearing July.

The inquiry will also look at issues such as the impact of past and current policies for low carbon heat; which technologies are the most viable to deliver the decarbonisation of heating, along with the most appropriate mix of technologies; barriers to scaling up low carbon heating technologies; and where responsibility should lie for the governance, coordination and delivery of low carbon heating.

Evidence submissions are invited until 13 November 2020.

BEIS Committee