Connected Kerb set to roll out wireless EV charging

Connected Kerb has announced that it is to roll out wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging technology in the first half of 2020 in London, the Midlands and Scotland.

The technology sees induction chargers in inductive pads sunk beneath the ground with EVs then able to park over them and charge wirelessly. The chargers are set to be fitted in residential streets, car parks and taxi ranks, initially alongside existing chargers, upgrading them. While vehicle manufacturers are including induction charging technology in new models, older vehicles will be able to be retrofitted to ensure they are also able to use the new technology.

Connected Kerb CEO, Chris Pateman-Jones, told Current News that he believed induction charging would “become the norm” in the coming years, explaining that while it was comparable in performance to traditional charging, it was “more convenient and even more simple”.

Pateman-Jones added: “Also, induction opens up electric vehicles for disabled people, who are currently excluded from EVs by trailing cables and accessibility. Longer term, induction charging will be the path to electrification of all parking bays without the street furniture and cable clutter that dominates EV charge point technology today.”

Current News