Consumers unaware of energy flexibility opportunities

Greater efforts must be made to ensure consumers understand the value of their energy flexibility, according to the Using Electricity Intelligently panel at the EnTech conference.

Reporting on the panel, Current+ said that the focus was on the issue of flexibility, how to create more of it and whether or not the focus should be on flexibility or on reinforcement. Specifically, the panel discussed how much flexibility was going to waste with both large and domestic consumers owed to them being unaware of the value and potential that they have in their hands.

Keith Evans, DSO Transition and Smart Grid Engineering Manager at Electricity Northwest, noted how this had proven to be the case for many of the consumers on their network. Evans said: “A lot of them sit on big connections, which actually are inflexible at the moment, but could offer some great services in the future. But they don’t really see that as a as a financial stream at the moment.”      

Elsewhere, the panel agreed that flexibility will increasingly be required to facilitate the demands of a more distributed power network in the UK and that a key element for developing flexibility is altering regulations to ease DSR’s role in the market.

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