Cornwall Council sets out plans for energy centre

An artist's impression of the green energy centre (Image: AHR)

Plans have been unveiled to create a renewable power energy centre at the Langarth Garden Village, which is being built in Cornwall.

On 16 October, Falmouth Packet reported that the council-led scheme is proposing to build is own renewable power energy centre as part of the project’s energy strategy. The aim of Langarth Garden Village is to create a distinctive community, providing an attractive and health environment for residents, surrounded by nature. It is estimated that the energy centre will generate up to 17,500kWh of green, low cost power a year, while supporting the council’s aim of making Cornwall net zero by 2030.

The centre is set to be located next to the Truro park and ride site. It will include a transformer compound to house the electricity substation, as well as a bespoke battery storage area. This will provide storage for the clean energy produced on site for residents. Both buildings will be surrounded by planted green walls. Heat pump technology and solar panels will be used to power and heat homes, offices and other buildings, while electric charging points will also be provided in every house and higher levels of insulation.

Solar panels on car ports for the proposed park and ride extension are being explored by the project team, as well as the possibility of district heating using geothermal energy as a renewable source of heat. The council believes that the measures will result in low carbon homes with low running costs for residents, while also generating an income from the sale of surplus power back to the grid.

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