Council invests in energy firm

Warrington Borough Council has taken a 50% shareholding in Scottish-based, Together Energy, after making an £18mn investment.

Making the announcement on 10 October, the council explained it had been attracted to the firm due to its shared belief in disrupting the energy sector, as well as the opportunities it offers to young disadvantaged people. A new board of directors will be created, along with new jobs in Clydebank and Warrington. The investment follows Warrington Borough Council previously announcing its intention to become the first council in the UK to generate its own renewable electricity, having invested in two new solar farms in York and Hull.

Warrington Borough Council Leader, Russ Bowden, said: “Our investment will mean that we can genuinely tackle fuel poverty in the borough, provide employment opportunities and ensure we as a council continue to lead the charge against the climate emergency we all face.”

Warrington Borough Council