Departmental ownership key to net zero target, says CCC

The Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has said that there should be a consistent, coherent approach to net zero policy across all departments.

Lord Deben was appearing before the Environmental Audit Committee on 23 July at a one-off session on climate change and biodiversity, which focussed on the UK’s net zero strategy and the government’s priorities. Deben explained departments were, at present, unclear of their own responsibilities with regards to climate change adaptation and mitigation. This is something that will have to change if the net zero target is to be met, Deben added, with the CCC to address this in its next report.

The session also saw Deben call for an earlier deadline for the UK to electrify its transport sector. The CCC Chair said that the current 2040 date would be too late and ensure the UK is unable to even meet its previous 80% emissions reduction target for 2050. Deben suggested it be brought forward to 2030 or 2035.