Distributor has more EVs and low carbon technologies than first thought

Western Power Distribution (WPD), which owns electricity distribution in the south west  and east midlands, could have 13% more households with electric vehicles (EVs) and solar panels on its network than it had previously thought.

The Low Carbon Technologies (LCT) Detection project sought to provide WPD with a better insight into where EVs and LCTs, including solar panels and heat pumps, are connected to its low voltage network at a domestic level. It was managed and delivered by ElectraLink in partnership with IBM, running from October 2018 to February 2019.

Using machine learning and cognitive analysis, the project was able to locate 15,000 previously unknown EVs and solar panels connected to its local electricity network, while also offering valuable insights around general energy consumption.

Other insights were that there was a 25% reduction in domestic electricity usage following solar panel installation. The project also revealed a 5% increase in energy consumption upon the installation of EV charge points.