DNOs face questions on power cut priorities post 9 August power cuts

Distribution network operators (DNOs) such as UKPN, and the decisions they made to disconnect end users, are to be investigated as part of an inquiry into the blackout on 9 August.

On 14 August, BEIS confirmed that the Energy Emergencies Executive Committee (E3C) has been commissioned to undertake a review of the power system disruption, which saw nearly 1mn disconnections from the public network. The E3C, specifically, will assess the direct and secondary impacts of the event across GB electricity networks and identify areas of good practice and where improvements are needed for system resilience. It will also consider load shedding in relation to essential service customers and prioritisation and timelines and the content of public communications during the incident, before making recommendations for essential service resilience to power disruption.

An interim report will be compiled and published within five weeks. A final report is to be submitted to Business and Energy Secretary, Andrea Leadsom, within 12 weeks.