Drivers willing to use smart charging technology, new study finds

A study has found that 95% of Electric Vehicle (EV) drivers are willing to use smart charging to save on their energy bills and avoid charging at times of peak grid demand.

Published on Wednesday 3 July, the research, commissioned by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), also found a further 85% of Plug-in Hybrid EV drivers would choose smart charging as well.

The three-year study involved two sets of trials – a vehicle uptake trial and a charging behaviour trial – to explore how drivers would use EVs and what the subsequent impact on the energy system would be.

Mainstream consumers said they would be willing to pay more for an EV on the basis that savings on running costs delivered a payback in less than 5 years, while 90% would consider an EV as a main car if the range was increased to 300 miles.  

Chief Executive Officer of the ETI Jonathan Wills said: “To put ourselves on track towards Net Zero, we really need low emissions vehicles to become mainstream and this study has produced the most comprehensive picture so far of the issues facing the transition to an electric powered era in terms of consumer choice.”

Energy Systems Catapult