E.ON and Nissan announce key milestone in V2G project

E.ON and Nissan have successfully deployed 20 vehicle-to-grid (V2G) chargers, achieving a key milestone as part of their large-scale V2G trial co-funded by Innovate UK.

On 6 August, it was announced that the 20 chargers had been installed at Nissan’s European Technical Centre in Cranfield as part of a trial that will demonstrate how electric vans and cars can play a role in supporting the UK grid, as well as providing a profitable and sustainable solution for business fleets. It will test and demonstrate how storing and sharing electricity in fleet vehicles’ batteries can generate additional revenues for participating companies and support the power grid.

With the technology now validated, the project is recruiting for more participants for the trial and is planning to deploy V2G chargers for organisations across the UK.

Luke Ellis, V2G Programme Manager at E.ON UK, said: “Now that we’ve proven the technology’s capabilities with these 20 installs, we’re a step closer to bringing it to market. This is about commercialising a vehicle’s bi-directional charging capabilities, with clear advantages for businesses either already with a fleet of electric vehicles or those that are ready to make the transition to electric, and demonstrates how E.ON is providing solutions for customers that will help make the air cleaner.”