E.ON launches new solar reward scheme

UK renewables have been handed a boost after E.ON announced the launch of a new Solar Reward scheme, said to be the first UK supplier to offer an incentive of this kind.

The scheme, unveiled by E.ON on 29 March, provides 5.24p per every kWh of energy exported back to the grid. It was designed to bridge the gap between the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) scheme – which had closed to new applicants on 1 April 2019 – and the future commencement of the government’s new supplier-led Smart Export Guarantee.

Michael Lewis, Chief Executive of E.ON UK, said: “[…] we want to continue encouraging and giving confidence to homeowners across Britain looking to invest in solar energy. We know how important solar is for our future which is why we’re leading the industry in rewarding our customers for doing their part to help.”

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