Ecotricity targets UK’s first grass-powered energy plant

The UK could power every household with grass if it was turned into renewable gas, the founder of Ecotricity, Dale Vince, has said.

To this end, Vince revealed that Ecotricity is planning to build the UK’s first grass-powered energy plant in Hampshire by the end of 2019. The £15mn project could be able to eliminate demand for industrial farming waste, according to Vince, and will be the first major investment in this type of energy by a British company. Ecotricity has predicted that 97% of domestic gas demand could be met from grass by 2035.

Vince said: “It is relatively new, we can basically make gas and put it into the gas grid in the same way we can with electricity from renewables. But instead of using waste food or energy crops which have their own environment issues, we have come up with a new way which is to use grass.”

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