ENA launches DSO Implementation Plan

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) has published an interactive roadmap for network companies to reach Distribution System Operation (DSO).

With an increasing number of local flexible resources, Britain’s energy networks face having to operate in a more adaptable and flexible way to manage local supply and demand. Through managing the network at a local level through DSO, a greater number of low carbon flexibility services can be brought onto the network, reducing the need for reinforcement, leading to lower bills and less disruption, the ENA explained.

Its DSO Implementation Plan, therefore, marks a “big step forward” in realising Britain’s future smart grid, and will aim to capture the short, medium and longer-term actions that need to be progressed, along with identifying gaps to delivering DSO. It also maps out the eight key DSO functions, along with timings for delivery.

David Smith, ENA Chief Executive, said: “Flexibility has proven to be an extremely valuable resource in the first half of this year, with plummeting demand during the pandemic, allowing us to effectively and efficiently manage the changes in demand. The work of the DSO Implementation Plan provides a clear and transparent route to more local network management, ensuring that people can access the benefits of a smart grid as quickly as possible, taking us a big step closer to a net zero future.”