Energy Systems Catapult seeks views on its Data Best Practice Guidance

The Energy Systems (ES) Catapult is calling for responses after it published a draft of its Data Best Practice Guidance, consisting of 12 suggestions for data handling in the energy sector.

The draft guidance, published on 2 January, called for datasets to be accurately described with industry standard metadata; for data, metadata and supporting information to use common terms; for the types of roles played by stakeholders of the data to be identified; and for data quality improvement to be prioritised by user needs. It also suggested that data should be interoperable with other data and digital services; that data and systems should be protected in accordance with Security, Privacy and Resilience best practice; and that data is stored and archived in such a way to maximise sustaining value.

Several of the outcomes centred around data custodians, with ES Catapult suggesting they ensure datasets have the supporting information required to make data understandable for potential users; for datasets to be discoverable by potential users; and for custodians to learn and understand the needs of both their current and prospective data users.

ES Catapult is calling for responses to the draft through email, while it will also be hosting a number of events throughout January where stakeholder engagement will be encouraged.

ES Catapult