EnergyREV explores heating and cooling

Photo: Thermal image of a building – FLIR infrared camera / iPhone by Marco Verch under Creative Commons 2.0

EnergyREV is continuing to review the current policy and regulatory landscape for smart local energy systems (SLES) and has launched a third call for evidence, focused on heating and cooling demand, supply and storage.

The research consortium has already completed its first call on electricity storage and electric vehicles (EVs), while it is continuing to work on its second, centred around digital energy platforms. It is now looking to crowdsource evidence on SLES policy and regulatory issues relating to decarbonised heating and cooling.

Relevant issues can include, though are not limited to, the consumption of heating and cooling and the link with energy efficiency. It cited building regulations and energy efficiency standards as examples. The role, value and opportunities, along with the barriers, to the deployment of heating and cooling storage, along with incentives and approaches to stimulate the deployment of heating and cooling are also of interest.

Other issues suggested by EnergyREV are the role of different vectors in heating and cooling in SLES, such as electricity, biomass, natural gas and decarbonised gases. This includes both the interactions and barriers across vectors. It also suggested the specific issues and challenges relating to heating and cooling supply technologies, including supply chains, skills and business models for delivery, are considered.

Evidence, along with a brief explanation regarding their relevance to the review, is invited by 20 December.