EnergyREV seeks expert input on digital energy platforms as SLES review continues

EnergyREV has launched its second call for evidence as part of its review into the current policy and regulatory landscape for smart local energy systems.

Following its call on storage and electric vehicles, the research consortium is now seeking views on digital energy platforms. It is working under the hypothesis of there being “issues and gaps with current policy and regulatory framework that prevent smart local energy systems from realising their potential benefits”, with the scope of its call including local energy trading; grid services; local balancing and optimisation; aggregator platforms; and local energy investment platforms. It noted that there are several crosscutting issues – provenance; financial transactions; data privacy and security; and automation – also deemed relevant to the review.

It is now looking to crowdsource evidence relating to policies, regulations and rules relevant to these topics in the context of smart local energy systems and the hypothesis of its wider review. Submissions are invited – along with a brief explanation of their relevance – until 27 September.