ESC developing town-scale demonstrator to aid smart transformation

The Energy Systems Catapult (ESC) is looking to develop a platform to support energy innovators in the quest to achieve the UK’s clean growth ambitions and carbon targets.

Its Energy Town Support Platform will provide a national capability for innovators to experiment under deeply digitalised new market arrangements with real consumers, aiming to de-risk and scale innovations for market. Complementing and building on initiatives such as the Ofgem Innovation Sandbox, the Energy Town will include elements such as governance arrangements to enable secure equitable access and exploitation rights for innovators; incentives to promote open collaboration; and access to shared enabling assets.

The ESC said it was currently scoping with industry, academics and government, the opportunity to lead on the design and governance of the project. It will co-create the design of the Energy Town with innovators and the sector.

Other opportunities the platform will include are access to consumers ready and willing to take part in service experiments; a trial Management Information System to allow innovators to deliver service experiments direct to consumers; and integration services to support innovators designing effective trials, experiments and evaluation strategies.