Essex set for one of the world’s largest battery projects

Artists impression of the Gateway site.

InterGen has been granted consent from BEIS to build one of the world’s largest battery projects in Essex, on the banks of the River Thames.

On 30 November, InterGen announced that construction on the £200mn project, based at DP World London Gateway on the Thames Estuary, is anticipated to begin in 2022, before becoming operational in 2024. It will provide at least 320MW/640MWh of capacity, with the potential to expand to 1.3GWh. The largest operational project in the UK as it stands is 75MWh.

Once fully charged, the battery could power up to 300,000 homes for two hours, though it will mostly be used to support and stabilise existing electricity supplies. InterGen noted how batteries have increasing been brought in to support the electricity system as a growing number of renewables are brought online, adding that its Gateway proposal represents a “major piece of the system architecture required to help support the transition to net zero” owed to its size.

InterGen is also exploring another potential large battery project at its site in Spalding, Lincolnshire. It would be 175MW/350MWh, with it noting that the planning permissions already in place.