Eurelectric calls for Europe to lead on power-to-gas

Eurelectric has urged Europe to maintain leadership in sustainable hydrogen and renewable power-to-gas.

On 17 June, the pan-European trade association released a set of recommendations for a cost-effective transition unlocking the benefits of sector coupling, explaining that power-to-gas could also support the electricity system to balance the networks and ensure security of supply in a high-renewable future.

It outlined how the coupling of electricity and gas systems through power-to-gas is a key link in the transition to a carbon-neutral economy. It will unlock many carbon neutral energy carriers to help cut CO2 emissions, especially in the case of industrial activities and heavy-duty transport, while it is also needed to complement direct electrification in “harder to abate” sectors.

It further called on the EU Commission, ENTSO-E, ENTSO-G and regulators to develop a taxonomy of gases; to deliver an independent assessment of the commercial availability and maturity of clean gases by 2030 and 2050; and for research and innovation funds, and investments, to be allocated to the development of competitive carbon-neutral industrial solutions and power-to-gas technologies.