Europe has untapped onshore capacity to meet global energy demand

Research from the University of Sussex and Aarhus University has found that Europe has the capacity to produce more than 100 times the amount of energy that it is currently providing through onshore windfarms.

Published on 14 August, the analysis – which examined all suitable sites for onshore windfarms – found Europe could supply enough energy to meet global demand up until 2050. Capacity would total 52.5TW which is equivalent to 1MW for every 16 European citizens. It would see over 11mn additional wind turbines being installed over 5mn square kilometres of land, generating 497EJ of power. Global energy demand in 2050 is expected to be 430EJ.

Co-author Benjamin Sovacool, Professor of Energy Policy at the University of Sussex, said: “Obviously, we are not saying that we should install turbines in all the identified sites, but the study does show the huge wind power potential right across Europe, which needs to be harnessed if we’re to avert a climate catastrophe.”

University of Sussex