EV smart meter demonstration projects get BEIS funding

BEIS has announced two projects have been given £2.7mn to demonstrate how smart meters can be used to automatically charge electric vehicles (EVs).

On 4 September, it explained that the projects – both of which commenced in April 2019 – will demonstrate a form of load control, ensuring the EVs are charged when demand and energy prices are at their lowest. Both projects include the design, build, testing and trialling of demand management devise in over 100 households with EVs.

An EDMI-led consortium will integrate a SMETS2 meter with an EV charge point, using an Auxiliary Load Control Switch (ALCS) for load control, while an EDF-led consortium is developing a home area network-connected ALCS (HCALCS). This will not be integrated with the smart meter directly, instead sitting in a separate device and connecting remotely, with the project proposing to integrate the HCALCS with an EV charge point.

The projects are set to complete in March 2021.