EVs and emissions targeted in government’s quantum technology drive

The government has announced that 38 new UK projects are to benefit from over £70mn investment as it looks to position the UK as a world leader in quantum technology. 

On 15 June, marking the start of Quantum Tech Digital Week, the government said that the projects to receive backing aim to solve global challenges and address key industrial challenges. This includes developing batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) and energy storage systems that reduce greenhouse gas emissions through use of advanced quantum technologies.

One project to receive backing is from QLM, in collaboration with BP and National Grid. It will use the funds to develop quantum enabled gas sensors to detect industrial leaks. This will help to prevent natural gas being lost to the atmosphere and then contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

Phasecraft’s project, using quantum technology to overcome limitations in battery material designs and help predict their performance, has also received support. The government said that Phasecraft’s project could potentially break new ground in battery development across sectors, including large-scale energy storage and high performance EVs, as well as leading to the development of more powerful battery devices.