First vanadium-flow battery pre-qualifies for frequency response

A vanadium redox flow machine could be used to provide grid frequency response services in the UK for the first time, after pre-qualifying for the National Grid’s dynamic firm frequency response (dFFR) market.

redT and Open Energi have joined forces, with the latter’s Dynamic Demand platform integrated into redT’s 300kWh flow machine that is located at an industrial site in Dorset with 250kW of solar panels. Open Energi will look to optimise the machine’s performance and revenue generation. The battery and storage system, as well as Open’s optimisation software, should see the industrial client have a 33% cost reduction in its energy bill.

The flow machine technology has advantages such as being able to withstand substantial number of daily cycles and not degrading as other battery storage technologies do.

Scott McGregor, Chief Executive at redT, said: “This achievement demonstrates the ability of non-degrading, heavy-cycling energy storage technologies such as flow machines to provide much needed flexibility to the network. This is a key opportunity for investors, energy managers and business owners to deploy 25-year energy storage infrastructure, at their sites – an essential piece of the puzzle our country must solve in order to achieve net-zero by 2050.”

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